Student Transcripts



Welcome back Students !

Thank-you for visiting. In order to help you retrieve transcripts for one or more years you attended CPI we will need some information about yourself.


Complete the following requisition form:

  • 01We will need your full home address,email & phone number.
  • 02As many university require us to the mail them transcripts directly, it is important you supply accurate and complete mailing addresses including: University name,Department,Phone,contact person,email address, other information. Repeat for each additional university.
  • 03We will need you to supply the year at CPI you are requesting records for and the number of copies required
  • 04Include any additional instuctions you may have.
  • 05Processing fee paid by Visa, Mastercard, Debit or in person.
  • 06That's it, we'll take it from here. Allow us at least 5 days to process.

It is very time consuming to research, retrieve & send out your records. As we recieve many requests every year, there is a $20.00 fee /record. Please submit payment by Visa, Mastercard or directly in person.

Best regards to you & your family
-staff at CPI

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