• CPI students achieve impressive results in Québec's math contest for high school students. For 19 years the Québec foundation for Academic Achievement encourages study in mathematics.


    Math is the foundation of science and technology and, as such, is an essential part of 21st century knowledge. In 1997, our foundation held its First Eastern Canada Math Contest. It was a great success. Each year, hundreds of parents and students participate in this contest, which is the largest educational event in the Community.

    Our math questions are inspired by the Superkids math problems database, the University of Waterloo math contest, and the PSAT and SAT. This diversity allows students to know their overall ranking in mathematics talent and potential, while providing them with valuable standardized test-taking experience. The QFAA at present, holds a Math contest in June of each year.


    Our Winners:


    Younes Valibeigi in grade 11 Advanced-G10 & 11 - 1st PLACE


    Feng Liang in grade 11 Advanced-G10 & 11 - 2st PLACE


    Hongwon Suh in grade 11 Advanced-G10 & 11 Top 5%


    College Prep International has traditional classes of no more than 15 students. Our impassioned and highly trained teachers use traditional teaching methods and modern practice methodology to engage our students in the learning process. Strategic use of technology such as Smart white boards and touch recognition displays are employed to convey complex math and science theory in a dynamic visual presentation.

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  • End of the year exam out line:

    SECONDARY TWO - mathematics Situational Problem: (Content of the exam) Area of a regular Polygon, triangle and circle, Solving equations, Circle graph

    Mathematical reasoning
    Section A: 6 – multiple questions
    Section B: 4- short answer questions
    Section C: 6- Long answer questions

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CPI welcomes all parents to enroll their children in grade 5 through grade 11. Summer school commences in July & the school year commences in September.