Summer school courses are now being offered to high school students in Montreal. Secondary students in grades 10 & 11 have completed their Quebec provincial exams as a prerequisite to attend Cegep in the fall. Students may be required to take courses during the summer to make-up credits they have not received during the school year. Mandatory courses for Cegep acceptance are English, French, Math, History; optional credit courses Physical Science, Chemistry.

Class structure specifically designed for the academic needs of each student.

Students who wish to prepare for a particular grade or a particular school should always consult the Principal or Guidance Counselor of that school before undertaking the summer school program. Background weakness will always be given first consideration. Students must bring their reports and any special recommendations from their Principal or Guidance Counselor. Course material is provided by the school.

Upon registration our school director will consult with each student and their parents to create an individual program for July summer courses.

Provincial examinations will take place at during the last week of July, inclusive. A maximum of 3 courses may be taken. Courses commence July 4, and they terminate on the day of examination. Students must attend all classes.

Classes are small, and students receive individual attention. As a result, the school's record of success has been high.

    • PREPARE for School or Provincial exams
    • REVIEW of subjects needing special attention
    • EARN extra credits for your future success
    • PREPARE for next Academic year
    • Five mornings per week in a pleasant air-conditioned atmosphere
    • 98% Success Rate For Summer Provincial Exams
    • Classes commence July 4, 2015 from 08:30 - 13:00 hrs. One session in 90 minutes.


  • MATH
  • HISTORY 587,404
  • PHYS.SC. 555,444

*Provincial Credits for Secondary IV and V .