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On the old squalid Brooklyn street,
Sat a hmeless man with nothing to eat.
Foolishness led to his drug dependency,
Call it weak personality or addictive tendency.

He though he could fly and touch the sky,
Forget his troubles when feeling high.
A drug addiction was soon his discovery,
And now he battles a challenging recovery.

His face roofed by a cap on his head,
A puppy on his lap, that needs to be fed.
Regret and shame devour him instead,
His back aches for a comfortable bed.

He met his friend scampering in the rain,
Limping and weeping in severe pain.
His instinct ws to take the puppy home,
Alas he had nowhere but the streets to roam.

A silver tag jingles around his neck,
Smeared with grimy fingers when trying to inspect.
A message in despair written in Roman font,
''Please call“ etched in a moment of daunt.
He knows it's not what his pal deserves,
Reminds himself about his shattered nerves.
Tells him to cling on as he's all alone,
Like a king who has lost his golden throne.

Too late for that, their bond is too strong,
Their arms for a nest, it's where they belong.
They say a dog is a man's best friend,
The only way for a broken heart to mend.

--Sirine Sindi ( Grade Eleven ) / Insight / Polar Expressions Publishing

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