Polar Expression Publishing

A revolution they say?
Raging like wildfire every other day
March, April, well into May
From Tunis to Jordan to Bahrain
Hearts bleeding, aching with pain
To Yemen, Libya, Egypt, and Syria
Dead bodies decaying with bacteria
Spreading to Algeria and Nigeria
Injustice seems to be the criteria

It all happened overnight
Nations woke up demanding their rights
Willing to die and put up a fight
With all their courage and all their might
For something called democracy
After decades of dictators' hypocrisy
Lies, deceit, and aristocracy
The rich enjoying the feast
The poor begging for the least
Hungry and out in the cold
Scavenging for food covered in mould
They call it the Internet revolution
It started with the Facebook institution
Articles plastered onevery text
No one imagined this would be next
Bullets, guns, and innocent blood
Earthquakes, tsunamis, and submerging floods
Innocent tears rolling on scarred faces
Victims vanishing without any traces
Evil and crime have now invaded Earth
Killing humanity, infecting each new birth

by Yasmine Sindi ( Grade Eleven )
Insight / Polar Expressions Publishing