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The future.
A thought that occupies the minds of many
To some it's a pleasant thought to think about
To others, it's a thought used to escape the present
It's the only thing that keeps them going and gives them a reason to stay alive

The present.
It's not always the way you want it to be
It's a place of discomfort
A place where people get put down
Where the feeling of being secure hardly exists
Where society is stuck in an undesirable reality

The future.
Everyone has an image of it in their head
Wheter it be a crystal clear or fuzzy image
It is meant to be something to look forward to
But how can it possibly be, when people are barely making it in the present

The present.
Where people are trying to escape the skin they're in
Where people watch their dreams die in front of their eyes
Where the sky gets heavy, and as hard as you try to sail away from the shore
You just keep sinking.

The future.
Where, eventually, a moon will rise from our darkness.

-- Donya Hajee

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