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Canadian Students


All Canadian students may apply for enrollment at College Prep International. As an accredited, independant English private school in Quebec restrictions to English language instruction do not apply. Please submit your application form. along with all supporting documents listed above.


International Students


International applications may be sent by courrier (FEDEX,UPS,other). Please sign contract and confirm all required documents and fees are included. Processing of application will be ready in 5 days upon which a confirmation letter will be sent to the parents.

Foreign students studying at College Prep International for less than 3 months do not require a VISA.

International students applying for a student visa may require the following document:


Visas Landed Immigrants,Work Visa, Diplomats


Parents who are are landed immigrants can enroll their children at College Prep International. Please complete our application form & include all immigration documents supporting your status.

Parent working in Canada with a valid work visa may enroll their children at College Prep International. Please complete our application form & include all immigration documents supporting your status.

Diplomats: If you are a family member or staff member of a foreign representative to Canada accredited by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, you may not need a permit to study in Canada. You should contact your embassy in Canada. Your embassy can contact the Office of Protocol at Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada to find out whether you need a study permit.

If you are a member of a foreign armed force under the Visiting Forces Act, you do not need a permit to study in Canada. If your family members, including minor children, want to study in Canada, they must meet the requirements.

For general information from Immigration Canada visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada


Summer School Program for Students


Visas are not required for summer school. Many of our new foreign students attend our summer program to learn English & French.

The summer school program is open to all Quebec students who need to re-take a high school exam to obtain credits for the year. Credit exams provided for grade 10 & grade 11 students.

Students from the English Montreal School Board -ESMB are eligible for our summer school program

Students from the Commission scolaire de Montréal (CSDM) are elgible for our summer school program in English.

Students who wish to take a refresher course to increase their grade averange are eligible for our summer school program. Some students join our summer program for subjects they are taking in September. Student are eligible; grades are not applied to regular school credits.

Welcome back Students !

Thank-you for visiting. In order to help you retrieve transcripts for one or more years you attended CPI we will need some information about yourself.


Complete the following requisition form:

  • 01We will need your full home address,email & phone number.
  • 02As many university require us to the mail them transcripts directly, it is important you supply accurate and complete mailing addresses including: University name,Department,Phone,contact person,email address, other information. Repeat for each additional university.
  • 03We will need you to supply the year at CPI you are requesting records for and the number of copies required
  • 04Include any additional instuctions you may have.
  • 05Processing fee paid by Visa, Mastercard, Debit or in person.
  • 06That's it, we'll take it from here. Allow us at least 5 days to process.

It is very time consuming to research, retrieve & send out your records. As we recieve many requests every year, there is a $20.00 fee /record. Please submit payment by Visa, Mastercard or directly in person.

Best regards to you & your family
-staff at CPI

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CPI welcomes all parents to enroll their children in grade 5 through grade 11. Summer school commences in July & the school year commences in September.