• On the old squalid Brooklyn street,
    Sat a hmeless man with nothing to eat.
    Foolishness led to his drug dependency,
    Call it weak personality or addictive tendency.

  • We all seek for a peaceful shelter
    Am I right?
    A place of hope, serenity and comfortable
    We see it in our daydreams
    But wouldn't you want to turn this daydream into reality?
    No violence, no brutality and no cruelty

  • The future.
    A thought that occupies the minds of many
    To some it's a pleasant thought to think about
    To others, it's a thought used to escape the present
    It's the only thing that keeps them going and gives them a reason to stay alive

  • A revolution they say?
    Raging like wildfire every other day
    March, April, well into May
    From Tunis to Jordan to Bahrain
    Hearts bleeding, aching with pain
    To Yemen, Libya, Egypt, and Syria
    Dead bodies decaying with bacteria
    Spreading to Algeria and Nigeria
    Injustice seems to be the criteria

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