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Our private school located in Côte-des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough of Ville de Montréal. Parent inquiries about school registration can view previous question / answers in the registration section.
Questions relating to school activities can be viewed in Parent / Student Support section.
Wikipedia information for parents and students studying in Canada and Quebec. Education in Quebec

Section 1: registration questions

How much is the tuition ?

Tuition is Cdn $12,000 per year for the Elementary school and Cdn $12,500 for the Secondary school. The school may accept students after the school year has commenced. In these cases, the fee is arranged through the Secretary-Treasurer who will advise parents of the method of payment. The school reserves the right to make changes in the published scale of fees at its discretion without prior notice.

Registration for the September semester opens in December. College Prep recommends all foreign students register early to allow time in obtaining a student visa.

Registration for Summer School commences at the beginning of June. No student visa is required for summer program.

Other fees ?

A book fee of Cdn $500.00 per child. College Prep International subsidizes all textbook fees in excess of $500.00.

Students participating in after-school programs including intra school competitive sports; fees apply. CPI subsidizes all additional costs associated with after-school programs including transportation to sporting venues in Greater Montreal.

Gym uniform & school tie are offered at no additional cost. All students are required to wear a school uniform which can be purchased in Montreal. Daily catered nutritional lunch is subsidized by CPI, a student meal fee of $550.00/yearly.

Do you offer a payment plan ?

Payment plan schedule: CPI has 3 payment plans as follows.

Plan A due September 1.

Plan B first of 2 payments due September 1.

Plan C first of 4 payments due September 1.

Please consult application form for registration application fees as per schedule.

Do you accept foreign students ?

All foreign students, Canadian students outside Quebec, English or French students residing in Quebec are welcome to apply for admissions. Foreign students do not have to write an entrance exam.

When is the admissions deadline ?

Admissions are now being accepted for grades 5 through grade 11. Acceptance letters will be mailed directly to parents within 5 days. Send us your application in person or by courier along with all documentation and fees. Student Visa applicants allow 4 to 15 weeks for Canadian & CAQ processing depending on country or origin.

What is the application process ?

CAQ Application Process: Application for a Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) for studies in Québec. The new prefered method of applying for a CAQ is the Québec government online process. Review all required prerequisites at Online application for a Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) for studies.

Student Visa to study in Canada: Application for study permit made outside of Canada. Visit Immigration & Citizenship Canada at Application to Study in Canada, Study Permits

Student Visa Extension / Renewal Applications to extend my stay or remain in Canada. Refer to Extend your study permiton Immigration & Citizenship Canada's website.

What is "Power of Attorney" ?

Minor children who are travelling alone must have information (name, address, phone number) about the person or school who will be responsible for them. If the child is the subject of a custody order, proof of custody and the other parent's consent must also be provided. Minors travelling without their parents require a letter of permission from the non-accompanying parent(s) and a letter from their custodian in Canada.

Children coming to Canada to study require a custodianship form until they are of legal age of the province of destination. Legal age varies from one province to another. Children under 18 years of age in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Saskatchewan will require a custodianship form.

What is required to study in English in Quebec ?

Foreign students require a CAQ to a qualified Private School.

Canadian Citizens and Quebec residents may apply to a qualified English Private School.

College Prep is an Independent English Private School fully qualified to accept all students for English language instruction regardless of origin.

Do you offer homestay ?

Homestay is available through the school office. Limited placements available for registered students only.

Section 2 : Parent/Student Support Questions

Where is your private school located ?

CPI is located in Montreal, Quebec in the borough of Côte-des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. Our school is located on a main thoroughfare - Rue. Sherbrooke Ouest, yet is safe & quiet. With easy access by car or public transit. Apartments & single family homes identify this neighborhood as the best place to live. Montreal's Concordia University & more than a dozen private / public schools call NDG their home.

How many years do students study at College Prep International?

Students enroll on average two to five years. We also have many students enrolled throughout their elementary and secondary education at College Prep International.

Do you have a school lunch program ?

Daily catered nutritional lunch is served to all students. Nutritional snacks and beverages are available for purchase during recess and lunch.

Do you have extra curricular activities & an after school program ?

Throughout the year, CPI has educational excursion and events. Student Council often organize events after school in addition to our after school program,. In association with GMAA, College Prep offers team sports such as soccer, football, swimming, badminton, aerobics and volleyball. The after school program includes multiple events requested by students such as the chess club, music lessons, dance & aerobics, games & multimedia.

Do you offer school bus service ?

Private school bus service, taxi, Uber & limousine service providers available. Arrangements made directly between parents or guardian & service provider.

Is public transport available to & from College Prep International ?

Montreal has an extensive & modern bus, metro and train service. STM public bus and ATM train service, routes directly to our door.

Bus 105, 162, 151 direct to Vendome Metro and Snowdon Metro, Train service is across the road serving Centre-Ville, Vaudreuil-Hudsun,Mascouche lines and connecting routes.

Public transit is 80% more efficient and is thought to be one of the cleanest and safest in North America.

Are computers used in the school ?

College Prep has a computer lab running linux and windows for pedagogical research & studies, multimedia A/V classrooms, Smartboards in the classroom.

CPI has a BYOD policy for student computers including Ipads/tablets, laptop & smart phones. Free Wifi available for all registered students.