High school graduation

The best way to be well prepared and succeed is to devote time to your studies. It is clearly documented that the probability of a high average in college increases with the time dedicated to studying in high school. 


Succes comes with prepration

High School Diploma Requirements

Credits are awarded by the Ministry of Education to Secondary 4 (grade 10) & Secondary 5 (grade 11) students.

Secondary 5 (Grade 11) students must pass examinations that are prepared by the Ministry of Education in English, and French Second Language.

They must also pass a course in either Physical Education and Health, or Ethics and Religious Culture. They must successfully complete their other subjects to be awarded sufficient credits.

By the end of Secondary 5 (Grade 11) students must have a total of 54 credits. Of these, 20 credits must be from Secondary 5 (Grade 11). The Ministry of Education mails your results to you in July.