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Many schools offer to educate a parent’s most precious treasure – their son or daughter. How does one choose wisely? Where will your teenager feel comfortable, engaged, and nurtured?

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College Prep International strives to be like a second family for its students. They do not hesitate to turn to teachers and administrators for help – both in and outside of class time. They share their concerns and feelings freely – whether academic or personal. This affords them the security in which true learning and development can take place. This allows them the opportunity to share their hopes and dreams, and to grow into the confident and amazing men and women they are meant to be.

Academically, we balance the cautious use of technology with time-tested methods of instruction. We believe social interaction, person to person communication is more important than i-phones, ear-plugs and tablets. We speak to them often about kindness, helpfulness, clean language and respect for one another.

For seven hours, and sometimes more, each day your son or daughter is our son or daughter. We want them to learn and grow – and yes, have fun! They need the wisdom of the past and the best of the present, so they can create and secure a future of peace, tolerance, equality and generosity for themselves and one day for their own children.

This is what College Prep International is all about. You believe in your son or daughter- So do we! Let us work together.

M. Diaczun


We are dedicated educators, passionate about our students' success & school life.


Our school community is closely knit together, that our international students consider us to be a home away from home." Teaching students in Montreal since 1944.

CEO, Mrs. Ursulene Farmer Mora

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