We all seek for a peaceful shelter
Am I right?
A place of hope, serenity and comfortable
We see it in our daydreams
But wouldn't you want to turn this daydream into reality?
No violence, no brutality and no cruelty
After all, we all want a lifetime of bliss don't we?
I create scenarios of a place like this in my head
We all show passion and tenderness to one another
A place where the sun sets and we sleep in peaceful
Where all our problems can be solved
Where our scars and wounds are healed
A place of acceptance and equality, no such thing as an outcast
When things get rough, we need an escape and this is where we wish to go
An ednless beach where the waves come back to kiss the sand
Where the clouds give a chance for the sun to come through and shine
The problem is we all have a different mindset
Our beliefs, aspirations, thoughts and actions differ
Society has corrupted the minds of many
And this is where evil and conflict comes in
We can all wish and dream for such tranquility
But for now, all we can do is hope
Hope for a place that will give us justice

-- Dana Hajee