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List of all upcoming events:

  •  APRIL 27 Secondary 4 Students will visit the Fur Trade Museum in Lachine. This experience will assist with their upcoming History Provincial exam on Monday June 15. Students will leave with Ms. Viger, Mr. Wong & Mr. Diaczun at 9:15, return in time for lunch. Regular classes after lunch.
  • MAY 7 Astronomy visitors from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada RASC for Grades 5, 6 & 7 at 10am.
  • MAY 7 Study Abroad presentation Secondary 4 students at 11am
  • MAY 12 SPORTS GALA at the NDG Sports Complex from 1 to 3pm. Elementary Students will be transported by bus. The Sports Complex is 1 block before our regular Gym at 6445 Monkland Ave. near Cavendish Blvd.
  • MAY 16 Flag bearing Ceremony. 12 of our Students will participate in a flag bearing Ceremony for the Netball Federation of Canada. This will be held at Université de Montréal at 9am.
  • MAY 19 Taylor Mathews Concert. This will be in our Cafeteria from 1 to 3 pm. Taylor was on of the finalists in the American Idol contest and will be in Montreal for a concert at the Holiday Inn on May 22. He will be performing for our Students on Tuesday May 19. This experience is to encourage a love of Music and the Arts; and prepare our Students for our Arts Gala on May 31.
  • MAY 22 SPORTS DAY. This event is weather permitting. We have tabled 15 or 22 of May. This is an outdoor event. Venue to be announced.
  • MAY 24 SPARTAN RACE. Registered Students only. Regular classes on Monday.
  • MAY 31 ARTS AND MUSIC GALA 3 to 6pm. All Parents & Friends are invited. School closed in lieu of above.
  • JUNE 6 Students & Staff BBQ


Note: Please follow your exam schedules for the list of your exams and report days.


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