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Sunday May 31st CPI presents our Year End Gala. Arts & Crafts and Musical Talent evening. Students will perform at various times. We will schedule playing times in advance to ensue you do not miss your child's finest moment. Added to our musical talent, will be different kisks for Arts & Crafts, Poetry & Science. Each student will contribute to this special day by displaying a special item with their name and grade or by playing an instrument. It will be a fun afternoon for students / staff / parents & visitors.

To enroll your child in an English-language school, contact your neighbourhood school, the English-language school board that has jurisdiction in your area or a private school of your choice.

The Canadian Association of Physicists puts together a high school physics examination

L'association des physiciens et physiciennes organise un examen pour les étudiants du secondaire du Canada.

The Canadian Association of Physicists puts together a high school physics examination targeted at upper year physics students across Canada. It stresses logical and creative thinking, by asking questions going beyond the expectation of the classroom. Prizes are awarded to the top students both provincially and nationally. The top students will be invited to the National Physics Olympiad camp to compete for the places on the National Team, which will represent Canada in the International Physics Olympiad in Copenhagen, Denmark. The official writing day is Tuesday, April 9, 2013.

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CPI welcomes all parents to enroll their children in grade 5 through grade 11. Summer school commences in July & the school year commences in September.