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We are dedicated educators, passionate about our students' success & school life.

" Our school community is so closely knit together, that our international students consider us to be a home away from home." Teaching students in Montreal since 1944.
- CEO, Mrs. Ursulene Farmer Mora

Our Founder & CEO

Believe, Achieve, Succeed. We feel success will come to the child if we follow the adage, 'Know the child, teach the child, the child will succeed.

Ursulene Farmer Mora

Ursulene Farmer Mora


Our Dedicated Educators

Teachers of College Prep International

Mr. Pojtek - Director

Mr. Diaczun - Headmaster

Mr. Zahran - Science Department

Mr. Farmer - Student Services

Mr. Belkadi - Dept. Fran├žais

Mrs. Bogante - English Department

Mrs. Viger - History Department

Mr. Wong - Physical Education

Mrs. Kirton-Boucaud - Elementary Department

Mr. Thuraisignam - Math Department

Ms. Suk - Music Department

Mr. Tamer


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College Prep International is an English private, non-sectarian, co-educational school, founded in 1944. There are no language restrictions with regards to registration. There are over twenty five international languages within our school family.
College Prep has traditional classes of no more than 15 students. Our impassioned and highly trained teachers use traditional teaching methods and modern practice methodology to engage our students in the learning process. Strategic use of technology such as Smart white boards and touch recognition displays are employed to convey complex math and science theory in a dynamic visual presentation. Our teachers are students too; continually updating their knowledge through pedagogical training sessions throughout the year. Our classes are comprised of students from all parts of the globe; Teachers are mandated to be firm but fair and treat all students equally with dignity, maturity and respect.
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CPI welcomes all parents to enroll their children in grade 5 through grade 11. Summer school commences in July & the school year commences in September.