Student Code of Conduct

Signed by every student at the commencement of the school year.

The way in which you keep this code of conduct will affect your term average. Repeated infractions may result in suspension or dismissal.


The Uniform, Appearance and Behaviour

  • The full uniform, with tie and school vest, is worn coming to, during, and returning from school.

  • Students wear conservative black dress shoes (not sneakers or boots).

  • Shirts must be properly tucked-in.

  • Boys must wear a belt. Tight or baggy trousers are not permitted.

  • On school outings students will be told what casual clothing is acceptable.

  • Students do not wear jewelry, or have piercings, studs or rings.

  • Boy’s hair must be short, not covering the eyes, ears, or shirt collar. They may not dye, stiffen, gell or shave their hair.

  • Boys’ faces are clean-shaven.

  • Hats are not permitted indoors.

  • Girls dresses must either reach to the knee; or they must wear solid colour, conservative, black leotards or the equivalent under the skirt.

  • With knee length dresses, girls wear solid colour black, grey, navy or white long socks.

  • During snow season, students leave a pair of black dress shoes at school. Boots or sneakers are never allowed beyond the entrance.

Student Deportment

  • Students and teachers are are respectful at all times to each other in what they say and in the way they behave. Yelling or speaking loudly is not permitted during or between class periods.

  • Do not touch another student’s property, desk, or person.

  • To improve language skills, students speak only English or French in school.

  • Leave your lunch table clean. Return your tray to the service counter.

  • Eating and drinking, including water, is permitted in the cafeteria only.

  • You must remain downstairs during lunch-time until the lights signal that you may return to class.

  • Students may not smoke or chew gum.

  • Do not sit on desk-tops or lean against the wall.

  • You may leave class only at recess and lunch-time. Use the washroom at these breaks.

  • The five minute pause between class periods is so you may prepare for the next class. You may not leave the classroom, go to get water, or use the bathroom during these pauses.

  • Do not enter a classroom other than your own.

  • Running or wrestling in the hallways or classrooms is forbidden.

  • Students must have permission from the subject teacher to use their cell-phone, or i-pad, and only for class assignments.

  • You may not use your cell-phone or i-pads upstairs to text, play games, watch videos, or make calls. This includes during the five-minute pauses between subject classes.

  • Before using your cell-phone or i-pad for research in class, you must be given permission by the subject teacher.

Property, Agendas, Banned Items

  • Your desk, books, and classroom must be neat and clean.

  • Keep a complete record of class and homework assignments neatly in your agenda and have your parent sign it each week.

  • Do not bring expensive items to school. The school is not responsible for personal property lost, damaged, or left overnight.

  • School computers may be used before school, during recess, and after school.

  • Sharp implements and weapons of all kinds are forbidden.

  • Do not bring a bicycle, motorcycle, skateboard, or skates to school.

  • Students may not receive visiting friends at school or in the neighborhood.

I agree to observe all school rules, as well as spoken directions given by teachers and administrators with regard to proper deportment, dress, and safety.