Grade 5 and 6


Curriculum for Primary Students
(Grade 5 and 6)

English Language Studies

This program focuses on reading different types of materials (novels, short stories, poetry, newspapers...) to assess comprehension and analytical proficiency. The writing component consists of mastering skills such as narrative, descriptive, informative and persuasive writing, which includes journaling, letters, poems, and comparative essays. Grammar and vocabulary exercises will be practiced to enhance their writing skills.


The first and second years of this cycle help students to prepare and to enter high-school mathematics with confidence. Basic math skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; fractions; decimals; measurement; geometry and graphing are reviewed and expanded. There is an emphasis on word problems, and the correct use of mathematical terms. Pre-algebra is introduced.

Français Langue Seconde

The French second language program focuses on preparing students to communicate in the language in a variety of situations, meeting their personal, educational and social needs.


Students will be involved in exploring information on the earth and space, the material world, the technological world, and the living world. Students will pursue information using different means: books, the internet, diagrams, graphs and experiments. Use of scientific language will be engaged, whether in written work or oral presentations. Students will participate in a Science Fair, which will give them experience in research, organizing data, and presenting and explaining their hypothesis to an audience.

Ethics and religious culture

The purpose of ethics is to enable the student to explore issues concerning his/her relationship with family, friends, society and the world. This would concern issues such as respect; responsibility; and the questioning of humanity. Appreciating diversity within society, whether culturally or religiously will be encouraged. Students will be free to debate about celebrations and symbols of their family’s faith and why it is meaningful for them. Respect will be shown towards all, including those who do not follow any religious culture.

Social Studies

This program consists of history, geography and citizenship , and will enable students to have a better understanding of their region, and their place in the world. The importance of involvement in the community in which they live is also examined. Past and present societies, including First Nations communities are focused upon. Students learn map skills, with particular attention to Quebec.


This course celebrates the joy of song. Each student is given the opportunity to become a musician and performer. Their inhibitions are overcome through an understanding of song structure and composition. Students work to master the recorder, concluding with a basic understanding of musical notation and ensemble playing. They perform throughout the year. Along the way, the class will also look closely at the history and influences of popular music and its evolution.

Visual Art

Students will have a hands-on experience with different art materials: pencils, pastels, paints, clay, various papers and other 3D materials. This will enable them to nurture and express their creativity as well as to have an appreciation and respect of the creativity of others.

Physical and Health Education

Phys Ed is to assist the student’s progress in developing a keen awareness of body movements and object manipulation. This is achieved through physical activity. Introductory and co-operative games and activities facilitate the acquisition of social and behavioral skills. Basic knowledge of health and fitness is discussed and studied.