Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct

The way in which you keep this code of conduct will affect your term average. (Merits and Demerits) in Ethics or Personal Orientation. Repeated infractions may result in suspension or dismissal.

The Uniform and Appearance

  • 1 - Students wear the full uniform to and from school.
  • 2 - Only plain, black, lace-less canvas shoes with white soles may be worn.
  • 3 - Shirts must be properly tucked-in.
  • 4 - Boys must wear a black belt.
  • 5 - Tight, baggy, or low hanging trousers are not permitted.
  • 6 - No nose, ear or facial piercings, studs or rings.
  • 7 - Girls skirts must reach to the knees; if shorter, they must wear black leggings.
  • 8 - Boy’s hair must be short and conservative, not covering the eyes, ears or neck. They may not dye, stiffen, gel or shave the hair.
  • 9 - Girls hair must be simply styled.
  • 10 - Boys’ faces must be clean shaven.
  • 11 - Hats are not permitted indoors.
  • 12 - Outdoor winter boots/shoes may not be worn indoors (even if dried). During snow season, students leave their uniform shoes at school.
  • 13 -For school outings and special events, students will be told what casual clothing is appropriate.

Absences and Tardiness

  • 14 - You should arrive by 8:15 a.m. Be seated and ready at 8:25.
  • 15 - Late students, arriving after the 8:30 bell, are not admitted to the first period class.
  • 16 - You may not leave the school property during the day without permission.

Student Deportment

  • 17 - Students show respect in their words and behavior.
  • 18 - Yelling or speaking loudly, running or wrestling is not permitted.
  • 19.– Stay in the classroom between classes.
  • 20 - Do not enter another’s classroom.
  • 21 - Stay downstairs during morning recess and lunch.
  • 22 - Do not bring food or drinks upstairs.
  • 23 - Respect school property, your fellow students and their possessions.
  • 24 - Never grab or hit another student.
  • 25 - Do not sit on desk-tops or tables; or lean against the wall.
  • 26 - To improve language skills, students speak only English or French in school.
  • 27 - Students may not smoke or chew gum.
  • 28 - Do not run or wrestle in the building; or initiate physical contact.
  • 29 - Insults, name-calling, belittling of others, and foul language will not be tolerated.

Cell Phones, Tablets and Computers

  • 30 - School computers may be used before and after school.
  • 31 - Do not use your cell phone, tablet or lap-top upstairs. Turn it off and place it in your schoolbag.
  • 32 - Keep your cell-phone, tablet or lap-top with you during recess and lunch. You are personally responsible for it. Never leave it un-attended in the classroom.
  • 33 - During examinations, your cell phone and/or smart watch must be either in your schoolbag outside the classroom, or placed on the invigilator’s desk.
  • 34 - Possession of a cell phone or smart watch “at or in” your desk or “on your Person” will be deemed cheating and you will automatically fail the examination.

Property, Agendas, Quizzes & Banned Items

  • 35 - Keep your desk, books, and classroom clean.
  • 36 - Leave you lunch table clean. Return your tray and scraped plate to the lunch service counter.
  • 37 - Keep your agenda neat and up-to-date. Make sure it is signed each week.
  • 38 - Do not bring expensive items to school.
  • 39 - Keep your wallet or purse with you at all times..
  • 40 - The school is not responsible for personal property lost, damaged, or left overnight.
  • 41 - Sharp implements and weapons of all kinds are forbidden.
  • 42 - You may not bring a bicycle, skateboard, in-line skates, motorcycle, or car to school.
  • 43 - Students may not have friends visit at school or wait in the neighbourhood.
  • 44 - Do not borrow or loan money. Do not gamble. Do not copy another’s work or buy answers.
I agree to observe all school rules, as well as spoken directions - with regard to proper deportment, dress and safety - given by teachers and administrators.

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